Own Your Own Tax Business Without Learning Taxes or Quitting Your Job
No tax experience necessary. As a Happy Tax Independent Contractor, you will meet your client walk them through the Happy Tax mobile app questionnaire, and press submit!
"Happy Tax has completely changed my life."
Jamey Hill
Happy Tax Franchisee/Area Rep
How It Works
Meet Your Client, Submit Return, Get Paid...
Happy Tax lets you own your own business without learning taxes or having a costly overhead by using our fully mobile franchise model, where you source the return and our CPA’s do the rest!
  • Meet Your Client: Using our proven marketing methods you will have multiple ways to find new clients via social media, face to face, and large employer campaigns.
  •  Submit Mobile Questionnaire: In just 15 minutes you can walk your client through the Happy Tax app questionnaire, press submit and we handle the rest!
  •  Get paid: Enjoy being paid weekly by ACH right to your bank account.
Why Become an IC?
You are the core of Happy Tax. Our success is yours.
As a Happy Tax Independent Contractor, you’ll be able to source returns using the Happy Tax mobile app on your tablet or mobile device in just 15 minutes or less. Simply walk your client through the mobile questionnaire, snap a few photos of their documents, and press submit. Once we receive the submission our expert CPA’s follow our “Error Free Guarantee” process, sign off and submit the return. Making being a Happy Tax Independent Contractor as easy as 1-2-3...
  • Our CPA’s prepare the returns
  •  No store-front needed
  •  Year-round Support
  •  In-season Marketing Support
  •  Ability to Scale
  •  Our Processors handle the rest (client questions, facilitate digital signatures)
  •  Add services to your existing customer base
Just Pay for Your Marketing Kit!
We want you to have the most successful tax season! Your cost to become a Happy Tax Independent Contractor is just $199 and covers your Happy Tax Marketing Package that will be customized with your information and shipped to you so you can start growing your business right away.
What's Included?
  • 100 Coupons
  •  500 Two-Sided Business Cards
  •  100 Postcards
  •  4 Mop Topper Pens
  •  1 Happy Tax T-Shirt
  •  Happy Tax Facebook Page
  •  Happy Tax Branded Email 
  •  Independent Contractor license
  •  Unique mobile app access
  •  13 marketing methods to a successful tax season
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